After an adventurous 3½ years at Suki, I have decided to pursue a different opportunity. I would like to thank my Suki family, the past, present and future people of Suki and our inspiring leader Punit Soni. The autonomy, mentorship and the leadership experience I received is going to help me in my next endeavor. A special thanks to the Engineering leaders I worked with at Suki, Karthik Rajan & Jatin Chhugani as I depart an engineering organization of the highest order. I am proud of the medical voice technology product/service & platform we have built for doctors & the medical community here over the past 3 years with countless iterations.

Photo by Clemens van Lay on Unsplash

The best part of the job was the team I got to build from scratch, serve/mentor and collectively deliver a product we were all proud of. I found solace in my team during the hardest periods and I could take on any challenge with my team: Yashas Rao, Jonathan Zinger, Mark Orozco, Win Min, Hao Lin, Hanusharana, Thomas Nguyen, Vikram Melkote, Alekhya Lakkadi, Sunaina Aluru & Gavin Chan. Also, thanks to all my ex-colleagues (not an exhaustive list): Mohith Jullapali, Matt Pallakoff, Mahlet Getachew, Nathan Gunn, Chase Clyma, Baron Reznik, Zach Palacios, Anish Arora, Jayant Singh, Sanket Agarwal, Maneesh Dewan, Nithyanand Kota, Sudheer Tumu, Ganesh Satish Mallya to name a few.

I joined Suki to give back to the community of health professionals, reduce their burden and alleviate their burnout. I am excited to report we have achieved that in our currently happy & healthy users who get to spend more time with their patients, families and loved ones after the end of a long day of providing care.

Now, I head over to Medium supporting its mission to spread ideas across the globe. I believe in creating, sharing, collaborating, understanding people, empathizing with other world citizens, writing and reading content. Combining both my engineering/product expertise with Medium’s world of publishing ideas is very very interesting to me.

Healthcare tech definitely needs innovators like Suki and others to shift the focus & dynamics to the care-givers and take care of the human angle to clinicians and support them, especially now when the world needs them the most in this unprecedented pandemic of our times. I will be cheering on the Suki team on our bold & beloved mission as it shifts, evolves into what we always sought out for it to be.



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